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Epiplex enables businesses to successfully execute IT driven business transformations by rapidly building high levels of competency amongst users of enterprise IT applications, and delivering strong levels of user adoption. Hundreds of the leading companies of the world use Epiplex for a range of transformation initiatives such as ERP rollouts and upgrades, knowledge transfer during BPO transitioning stages, automated documentation and certification of user competency levels prior to go-live stage for key business transformations.

Epiplex enables automated capture of IT driven business processes executed by ‘Subject Matter Experts’ using the widest range of applications, including all major ERP products such as SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, Epicor, Microsoft and dozens of others, and also from a wide range of other packaged and custom developed applications.

The captured processes can be rapidly and automatically converted into a range of knowledge objects, including interactive, media-rich simulations, E-Learning content and process documentation, for training end users with best practices defined by a company’s experts. E-Learning content can be created in multiple languages, in the widest range of output formats. The accuracy, width and depth of the process capture reduces errors and loss in translation of process knowledge, preventing rework and saving time and costs.

Epiplex can capture business processes from Windows, Java, Green Screen and Html applications, from CAD applications (CATIA, UGNX, etc.) and from those running under Citrix and other cloud environments.

Epiplex Benefits
  • Reduce implementation risk and increase end user adoption for IT driven process transformations.
  • Transfer procedural knowledge in the most efficient and effective manner to end users and prevent knowledge leakage during transfer.
  • Capture a wide range of applications to produce documents, simulations, and E-Learning content in multiple languages using a single authoring session.
  • Slash costs and time associated with creating content in multiple languages.
Epiplex Content Management System

Epiplex Content Management System ECMS, a portal-based learning content repository, is used for publishing role-based learning content and tracking content usage. The ECMS portal enables the users to effectively complete their learning in a virtual environment.

ECMS enables the course manager to create users, group them and assign courses, provide credentials for user access and set parameters for scoring, assessment and certification. Epiplex generated learning content can then be published with a single click and delivered directly to the target audience. In addition, ECMS tracks the usage of E-Learning content and measures the effectiveness of knowledge transfer as end users learn, practice, take tests or refer to knowledge content during training or while on the job.


EpiTracker, a comprehensive learning, performance tracking and reporting system tracks the usage of E-Learning content as users learn, practice, take tests or refer to knowledge content during training or while on the job, enabling automatic certification of competency levels and continued refinement of learning design and content.

These performance metrics are presented in multiple drill-down reports. Several reports containing relevant performance metrics and indicators can then be evaluated and analyzed to determine training efficiency and learner competency at the user, module or group levels.

Enterprise Repository Management Server (ERMS)

Enterprise Repository Management Server (ERMS) is a web-based application that facilitates the management and distribution of content created by multiple authors, enabling sharing and collaboration.

Once created, files can be modified collaboratively and edited quickly and efficiently in response to changed business processes, dramatically reducing the time, effort and costs involved in change management.


Increasing end user adoption for core banking migration project, for a large full-service bank in south east asian region.


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Epiplex is an industry-leading enterprise application software suite that helps businesses manage their IT-driven business process transformations successfully.

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