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XYDOCS is a swift, secure and comprehensive documentation solution for enterprise application rollouts and expert-driven knowledge transfer. It accelerates user competence and adoption of enterprise software.

XYDOCS robustly captures an application or business process and creates instant outputs with automatic annotations and descriptions resulting in time and cost savings to the enterprise.

XYDOCS captures any business process built on a range of technologies like Windows, .Net, Green Screen, Java, Html, Citrix, and many more.

XYDOCS offers a high degree of flexibility to the users by creating documentation based on the level of expertise of the users and the extent of details they require.

XYDOCS makes this possible through various options for the screen capture of the processes along with their respective descriptions.

XYDOCS Benefits
  • Multiple Applications Rapid creation of all documentationfor both packaged and bespoke applications from SAP and Oracle to Epicor, Infor, IFS, Microsoft and other leading software vendors.
  • Multiple Document Formats Quickly and easily create documentation outputs in multiple formats, including MS Word, PDF, HTML, PPT, XML and MS Excel.
  • Multiple Output Templates Enables template-driven creation of process documentation, training manuals, user guides, procedure guides, system documentation, cue cards etc.
  • Multiple Languages Automatically translate documentation into multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and other major languages.

Increasing end user adoption for core banking migration project, for a large full-service bank in south east asian region.


How "Boring Documentation" is becoming critical for business.


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