Reduced Cost and Time in Back Office Compliance and Onboarding of Processes

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Back Office Compliance

An organization’s back office management can significantly impact its success. Back office operations are especially important in financial services firms that are required to maintain strict compliance with local regulations. Validating the compliance and skill level of agents working on critical processes is a must since the cost of errors can be very high.

Frequent changes in procedures/changes in processes directly affect the quality of the execution of the processes; hence a systematic approach to training agents or advisors on the new/updated processes is required to ensure better adherence to the processes.

Epiplex’s unique capture technology works on a range of software applications including virtual environments such as Citrix. Epiance’s rapid change management, security, and workflow features allow organizations to develop and change content at an enterprise level rapidly. The time taken to create content is 40-90% lower than other methods and technologies.

Rapid simulations can be created from the captured process and deployed through an online content portal. The online portal tracks each user’s performance at the process or the step level and error prone steps or processes are identified. Content developers can easily develop simulations for additional scenarios, and these simulations can be offered at various levels of gradation. Agents can be automatically certified and then are offered content at the next level of difficulty. The performance support module supports the agent and mentors them while they are performing the actual transaction. The content can be hosted in a distributed environment thereby lowering the bandwidth requirements.


Increasing end user adoption for core banking migration project, for a large full-service bank in south east asian region.


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Epiplex is an industry-leading enterprise application software suite that helps businesses manage their IT-driven business process transformations successfully.

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