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BPOs & Shared Services - Onboarding

BPOs and Shared Services operate in a very challenging environment. High levels of competition drive them to reduce costs and leave them scrambling to define unique technology and solution offerings that can differentiate them from their competitors.

Once a process is transitioned offshore, new advisors have to be recruited, trained and onboarded. These agents or advisors may take anywhere between 3-6 months to reach an expert level of competency on the new process. Given the high levels of attrition(30-90%), organizations find it difficult to retain the talent and tacit knowledge acquired. They have to start all over again with fresh recruitment, training, etc.

Epiplex’s Onboarding Kit dramatically reduces content creation time by as much as 70% and training time by 50%, and on the job training time is also reduced by over 30%. Agents reach peak levels of performance faster (40% faster). All this results in an overall cost savings of about 11%. Assuming a margin of 10% for BPO, this translates to doubling the profit margin of a BPO. The automated technology also gives an edge to organizations while pitching their solutions to customers. Organizations can now retain tacit knowledge of their expert agents.

Epiplex’s Onboarding Kit’s starting point is the processes that have been captured during the transitioning process. Rapid simulations are created from the captured processes and deployed through an online content portal. The online portal tracks users’ performance at the process or the step level, and error prone steps or error prone processes are identified. Content developers can easily develop simulations for additional scenarios, and these simulations can be offered at various levels of gradation. Agents can be automatically certified and then are offered content at the next level of difficulty. The performance support module supports the agent and mentors them while they are performing the actual transaction. The onboarding kit allows for collaborative authoring of content. The content can be hosted in a distributed environment, thereby lowering the bandwidth requirements.

Epiplex’s unique capture technology works on a range of software applications including virtual environments such as Citrix. Epiance’s rapid change management, security and workflow features allow organizations to develop and change content at an enterprise level rapidly. The time taken to create content is 40-90% lower than other methods and technologies.


See how one of the largest BPO operators in India, significantly reduced the time to competency of new users by over 50%.


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