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Implementations & Change Management

Organizations spend millions of dollars on large scale business transformations and enterprise application implementations with the expectation of effective end user utilization and rapid return on investments. However, more often than not the actual ROI on such investments falls woefully short of the projected ROI benefits.

Gartner estimates that ineffective knowledge transfer often results in ignorance, misuse or under-utilization of new technology. 76% of end users have failing or sub-standard understanding of new systems. Ineffective knowledge transfer often results in 3 to 6 times more support to end users wherein such end users may take up to 22 hours to achieve the same skill level that it takes a trained employee 5 hours to achieve.

Low end user adoption rates and frequent changes in the business environment lead to sub optimal usage of IT applications. Epiance's product suite helps organizations to dramatically increase end user adoption rates, thereby reducing the total cost of operations and enhancing the competitive advantage of the organization.

Epiance Software presents a robust suite of enterprise software solutions that helps de-risk business change and improves employee productivity. With our powerful and scalable products, you can:


Increasing end user adoption for core banking migration project, for a large full-service bank in south east asian region.


Enrol in our Epiance partner program which provides with a range of value propositions, including partner enablement, training offerings and certification programs.


Epiplex is an industry-leading enterprise application software suite that helps businesses manage their IT-driven business process transformations successfully.

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