COVID-19 has created a barricade in enterprises worldwide. Organizations are challenged to maintain productivity and performance even while facing bottlenecks with respect to face to face interactions. There is a need for managing many of these key enterprise functions effectively even when people are working remotely.

Epiance solutions are targeted specifically to address these core concerns and ensure seamless operations even during these difficult times.

Key functions of organizations that are addressed by Epiance solutions are listed below -

  1. Automation & Digital Transformations – Analysts and BOT developers can work automation projects (SOP/BRD/PDD/workflows/Process Discovery).

  2. Process Outsourcing – Epiance solutions enable remote capture of process knowledge from process expert/SME even while they are working from home. Process knowledge includes procedural knowledge, tacit knowledge, conceptual knowledge, validations, exceptions, business rules, policies, regulations etc. The process knowledge captured is then digitally transferred across multiple users who could be working at remote locations. Multiple experts can collaborate and create useful interventions for this knowledge remotely.

  3. Remote Knowledge Transfer/Change Management – As end users are on-boarded to new applications they need to be enabled to perform at peak levels quickly. Epiance solutions deliver just in time knowledge to end users at their home locations, thereby enabling them to perform at high levels of efficiency.