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RPA Process Documentation

The onset of RPA is rapidly changing the landscape of organizations. Processes that were once manually executed are being replaced by bots which either perform the process end to end or automate substantial portions. Roughly 10% of the processes can be completely automated and 90% of the processes can benefit from partial automation. One of the key challenges faced by organizations is to discover and document the AS IS Process. The task of creating Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) can be time consuming and extremely error prone. Most of the tacit knowledge retained by expert agents and all the process variations are not documented. This makes it more difficult to capture the AS IS Process accurately.

Epiplex’s automated RPA Process Documentation Kit automatically captures the process variations and the tacit knowledge of the expert users. Documents and BRDs can then be rapidly generated by the Process Documentation Kit. Using the RPA Process Documentation Kit, organizations can reduce the time to create BRDs by 75% and the overall BOT creation time by 15-20%. By deploying the capture for a longer period of time, most of the process variations can be captured accurately, thereby reducing errors and cutting down rework.

Once the process is automated, the RPA Process Documentation Kit can be used to capture the TO BE Process and create documents and simulations. These simulations can help in rapid roll-out of the new TO BE Process.

Epiplex’s RPA Process Documentation Kit can be downloaded from the cloud and requires no installation. The remote capture capability eliminates the need for onsite travel and the process capture can be remotely administered. Epiance’s Omni capture© technology enables accurate object level capture in virtual environments such as Citrix.

Epiplex’s RPA Process Documentation Kit captures the business process in a highly efficient and effective manner. It has an intelligent auto-filter which reduces irrelevant data and it has an intelligent mask to automatically secure confidential data and images. It has effective change management functionality by allowing users to capture and append only the changed steps in the process.


One of the largest BPO operators in India reduced the time to create BRD's by 75% and the overall BOT creation time by 30-40%.


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Epiplex RPA Documentation - Automated Solution for Documenting RPA Processes.

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