One of the key challenges faced today by organizations during RPA implementations is to discover and document the process variations performed by users/agents on the live environment thereby identifying the actual AS IS Process and also to identify the best candidates for automation.

Epiplex RPA Process Discovery Kit automatically captures all the process variations and the tacit knowledge of the expert users which helps in not only identifying processes but also helps in making automation recommendations by automatically generating workflows which results in seamless deployment and accelerated implementation of bots for your RPA Implementations. Using the RPA Process Discovery Kit, organizations can identify the best candidates for automation using workflows making development and deployment of RPA easier, faster and more efficient.

Webinar Date:
Date: 16th, January, Thursday 2020,
Time: 14:30 - 15:00 CET

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Using Epiplex Automated RPA Process Documentation Kit one can,
  • Automatically capture the process variations and the tacit knowledge of the expert users.
  • Eliminating the need of expensive external Process Consultants for identifying processes and its variations.
  • Retaining Tacit Knowledge of SME’s & capturing all the process variations.
  • BRD, PDD & SDD documents can be rapidly generated.
  • Organizations can reduce the time to create BRDs by 75% and the overall BOT creation time by 15-20%.
  • Complete process visibility in identifying most efficient paths and discover opportunities that may have been overlooked.

Epiplex RPA Process Discovery Kit can be downloaded from the cloud and requires no installation. The remote capture capability eliminates the need for onsite travel and the process capture can be remotely administered. Epiance’s Omni capture© technology enables accurate object level capture in virtual environments such as Citrix.